Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saint Seiya Omega: The New Sanctuary (Fanart)

It's been a while... or probably too long since I used my Photoshop, so here I am, trying to (at least) practice my Photoshop skill again. A bit slow, due to the PC thingy, but I eventually finished it. SO GLAD I didn't totally forget how to use the software, it'd such a waste if it vanished to thin air (just like my Adobe Premiere skills, that faded away since I couldn't use my PC to render the movie T_T). By the way, this time, it's NOT coming from my own story, but a FAN-ART. Yup...

I've been watching Saint Seiya Omega, a nice series that brings back nostalgia of my school-days. Since I haven't yet found a decent image consisting all 12 New Gold Saints anywhere, I decided... heck, I'll make it for my own. That way, I can have it JUST LIKE THE WAY I WANT IT. So... I started choosing images of the new Saints from the screencaps of the show, and eventually put them all in one canvas. The process took 2 days (since yesterday noon)... and that goes for cropping the background from each characters, and finally arranging them all together and adding easy effect layers. Yes, that was the final process only, not including those long hours spent for re-watching, screencaping the episodes, and choosing images decent enough to showcase). I'm going to publish this on my Tumblr sometime around the 2nd or 3rd week of March, in my planned "Saint Seiya Omega Tribute Month". Then again, I'm sure you'll be reading this after that Tumblr post goes up anyway hahaha...

So, there you go... hope everyone like it (I know I do, and already have it as my PC wallpaper XD). Those images are REAL images, as shown in the episodes (30-43), I only did some minor touch to a few of them. I didn't sketch any of them...! (I'm NOT that good hahaha). With that said, I'd like to remind you all, that I don't own ANY of those images. All characters are design copyright of Yoshihiko Umakoshi, and whoever the animation director in charge for each episode. Saint Seiya Omega itself is a copyright property of TOEI Animation Japan, and Masami Kurumada. This is merely a work of fanart, and not intended for profit purpose (at all), so feel free to use it for your own likings. Oh, and if TOEI doesn't like me making this, feel free to contact me and I'll delete it from my blog (just like what you did to my Ojamajo Doremi fandub T_T).

Thanks for reading... see you soon with the next SS Omega fanart! (What? There's more...? Yeahhh.... XD)