Friday, February 22, 2013

Saint Seiya Omega: The 12 Hours Journey to Mars (Fanart)

Time for more fanart... and probably the last one. This is actually the initial fanart before I ended up making the previous ones I posted earlier. Yup, I've been preparing this one since last year, so this is in fact supposed to be version 01.

Wanna know the process of making this one? The main key to all the process was basically one thing: WAITING. Yes, since this is a somewhat summary of the Sanctuary Arc, I kinda waited patiently until I got my hand on one episode at a time to add the screencap one by one from episode 29 to 45 (actually, I should've waited until episode 47... but I ran out of patience haha). For the record, episode 29 aired in October 2012, which means I've been preparing this one for 5 months XD. Wow, that's NOT a short time... ahahaha ^^;

This infographic-esque fanart, showed the journey of Kouga and friends through the 12 Temples of the new Sanctuary. Eventhough there were temples with more than one Bronze participating, I only put the images of the characters who were in the spotlight. For example: in Taurus, Harbinger actually fight all of them, but in the end he transported everyone beside Kouga to the other Temples, leaving him and Kouga battling alone. That's the reason why I only put the 'Harbinger vs Kouga' image. The same thing was applied to the other Temples as well..

Once again, I'd like to remind you all, that I don't own ANY of those images. All characters are design copyright of Yoshihiko Umakoshi, and whoever the animation director in charge for each episode. Saint Seiya Omega itself is a copyright property of TOEI Animation Japan, and Masami Kurumada. This is merely a work of fanart, and not intended for profit purpose (at all), so feel free to use it for your own likings. Hope you enjoy it. 

Thanks for reading... and don't worry, there ain't any version 05 this time! XD

PS: Was going to publish yesterday night, but my internet has been an as****e lately (getting worse and worse), that it didn't even properly save my drafts and totally swallowed my typings *sigh*

*EDIT Feb 28th, 2013*
I ended up revising some parts and thus resulted in version 2. This is an update version with the latest episode (#46) aired last week, that it would be unfair to not include one of the character in the final image (Orion Eden, since he actually played a very important role in the final battle against his Father). I'm going to be using this version for the Tumblr post (scheduled for March 25th) instead. Here you go: