Thursday, September 3, 2009

Character Profile Up!!!

Yep, I just posted the Character's Profile for Animal Force and Animal Force X. aru aja posting Character Profile untuk Animal Force dan Animal Force X. I'm planning to update by inserting personal tagline for each characters later tonight. The posting process is quite a problem since the internet at my home is currently not working nicely.

Btw, a little info. When I was on the stage of deciding the concept for the M.B.A.s, suddenly I saw this following news:

Wow, what a coincidence, when my mind is being filled with Mythical Beasts, a news popped up telling a story of a newly found of one of that beast called Chupacabra. Hmmm... I know it's not related to Animal Force X, but the coincidental is actually quite funny hahaha.

(Translated on September 18, 2012, 08:55AM)


Yup, baru aja posting Character Profile untuk Animal Force dan Animal Force X. Rencananya nanti malam akan diupdate dengan menyertakan tagline khas karakter masing-masing. Proses posting agak kesulitan karena internet di rumah sedang kacau.

Btw, sekedar info. Saat sedang tahap memantapkan konsep para M.B.A, tiba-tiba aku melihat berita berikut:

Waduh pas banget, saat di benak terpikir mengenai Hewan-hewan Mistis (Mythical Beast), ini malah ada berita yang muncul seputar ditemukannya salah satu hewan bernama Chupacabra. Hmmm... gada hubungan dengan Animal Force X si, tapi bisa pas lucu juga hahaha.