Monday, August 31, 2009

Waiting for Photoshop

I actually have some other images I'd like to upload. Especially for one title I've been excited about, which is Animal Force X. The design for the Xpert Trio is already finished as well. The storyline for Animal Force X (AFX) is getting more complex too. The one element that is still on the planning and designing process is the members of M.B.A., the evil administers called Xperiors. One thing for sure, M.B.A. is going to have a NOT-YOUR-DAILY-ANIMAL forms LOL. There will be another new character for the AFX Team as well, a scientist that will lead Leon and friends.

I'm still waiting for my Photoshop software, so I can do the editing freely. Eventhough ACDSee supported image editing, it felt different when you're not using Photoshop for the work. ACDSee is quite limited indeed. As soon as I can do the image editing, I will post the final design of the Xpert trio.

Please wait for the premiere, okay...

Translated on September 18, 2012, 06:00AM


Menunggu Photoshop

Sebenernya udah ada beberapa gambar yang mau diupload. Khususnya yang sekarang lagi hot-hot-nya dibuat yaitu Animal Force X. Trio Xpert sudah rampung juga desainnya. Dan storyline Animal Force X (AFX) sudah mulai semakin kompleks juga. Yang masih dalam tahap planning dan perancangan adalah member dari M.B.A, para admins jahat yang disebut Xperiors. Yang jelas M.B.A bakal memiliki wujud BUKAN BINATANG BIASA (BBB) wkwkwkwk. Bakal ada satu karakter baru juga di tim AFX, yaitu ilmuwan yang memimpin Leon dkk.

Cuma masih nunggu software Photoshop dulu, biar bisa edit gambar dengan leluasa. Soalnya walau ACDSee mensupport edit gambar, kerasanya agak beda kalo ga pake photoshop. Di ACDSee terbatas soalnya. Secepatnya begitu bisa edit gambar, bakal dipost desain final dari Trio Xpert.

Tunggu tanggal mainnya ya...